ATOS Labs Membership

Autonomous Transportation Open Standards Lab

ATOS Labs will advance the adoption of the optimal set protocols across different use cases as open standards for voluntary adoption by other cities and regions across the globe. The development of open standards will enable CAV technology to scale in the most cost-effective way possible.

To ensure the responsible use of AV technology, all members of the ATOS Lab must seek to further technology or policy development in at least three of the following areas:

  1. Transportation (Personal and mass transit)
  2. Consumer Services (Food delivery, couriers, etc.)
  3. Municipal Services (Waste removal, street cleaning, etc.)
  4. Health Care (Delivery or transport)
  5. Freight (Particularly last-mile and delivery)
  6. AV Public Policy and Regulation
  7. Emergency Responses with AVs
  8. New classifications of vehicles
  9. Employment and Workforce Development (i.e. new employment in the AV era)
  10. Land use and redevelopment in an urban setting with AVs
  11. Environment and clean air
  12. Shared Ownership Model (vs. personal ownership)

The ATOS Lab’s goal is to bring a superior, and safe, method of AV deployment to the world. Members of the ATOS Lab should pursue this goal collectively, which does not preclude them from developing a superior product to bring to market.